Academic Inclusion and Faculty Training

All students participate in regular college classes (e.g., history, computer science, psychology, business) at the College of Charleston, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Successful inclusion of all students in these classes is dependent upon a faculty member’s ability to differentiate coursework and assignments so that the integrity of the content is maintained and the density is appropriate for each student. 

The TPSID grant provides the support essential for faculty training and supportive materials in universal design techniques.  These materials are available to all faculty at any time.

The TPSID grant also has supported training for elementary, middle, and high school educators and administrators who wish to offer fully inclusive educational experiences for students with intellectual disabilities.  These inclusive opportunities are essential for academic and social development, and significantly enhance readiness for postsecondary success.

The TPSID grant has supported training for educational programs in Charleston, SC, Columbia, SC, Savannah, GA, Annapolis, MD, and Kensington, MD.